At nearly a mile in length, Big River Crossing is the longest public pedestrian bridge across the Mississippi. 

Big River Crossing is also the country’s longest active rail/bicycle/pedestrian bridge. It serves as the connection point of Main Street to Main Street, a 10-mile, multi-modal corridor that also features the Big River Trail System, creating ties to attractions throughout the Memphis, West Memphis, and delta region.


No matter how you travel it, Big River Crossing provides opportunities for recreation and fitness with a whole new point of view. 



Big River Crossing is free and open daily from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m

mighty lights

Big River Crossing features more than 100,000 Philips LED lights that produce hundreds of possible configurations and light distribution patterns to create static displays or dynamic color shows that are programmed to commemorate special events, holidays and important civic causes. Lighting shows occur hourly from sundown until 10pm, when compatible with rail/river traffic schedules.


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